Monday, March 1, 2010

Pets And The Arts

Pets and the studio, a match not made in heaven! Not so much dogs, although mine like to sleep under the drawing table or easel and that sometimes tripped me up, but the cat, now there was the soul of an artist!
Don't lay your pencil down, or it would be rolled onto the floor, where you will step on it and go for a roll yourself, much to the amusement of said feline, and watch that jug of brushes, now if there is not temptation!
And cats are especially good at walking just where you don't want them to, after having strolled through the palette, of course. And then onto the newly stretched paper! Of course, this is the work that is behind schedule and the deadline is fast approaching.
And isn't eating erasers fun!
Surely you bought that sandpaper pad for them to chew and sharpen their claws on, and the pounce is the best chewy toy. Perfect for stalking! And it flies so high when they toss it!
Lets see what is behind that wet canvas, turned towards the wall, must be interesting if mommy is hiding it! This wire is hard to unwind, but Hey, I am a big cat! Lets see if I can lift the lid on these colors! they roll really good and make a nice sound when they smash on the floor!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog!
    =) Thanks for taking the time to share your art..


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