I love to paint, and oils are my favorite medium, but I do like to experiement with other mediums.

I also like to try different ways of painting.

"Band Instruments"

In this painting I thinned the paint and using a scipt brush let the paint almost drip from the brush.

This is a combination of ink and watercolor pencils on mat board.

A small, 1/2 x 2 inch oil painting of a waterfall. Now in a private collection!

Experimenting with acrylics and abstracts, Badlands, South Dakota



  1. I really enjoyed my 'gallery walk' this morning! You've got the Badlands captured so well, and those instruments are putting on a great show - I can hear that trombone perfectly! Naturally waterlillies capture my attention and you've really caught them on that great background. Tiny little oils like your waterfall get me in the mood for miniatures...Does that seem reasonable? Never, do I tire of mixing media-especially ink +

  2. Beautiful oil on top and love the band instruments!

  3. Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it!

    Kathleen, working in miniature can be exciting! I hope you do some miniatures!

    Thanks for visiting Sharron.

  4. Your work is very inspiring, I enjoyed looking at your art
    Freda Gudopp


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