Monday, October 29, 2012

Last of Autumn Beauty

Leaves in Huntington
Today it is rainging.

The temperature is falling, and it seems as if autumn if over.

The storm named Sandy is making big changes in the weather.

Last week was really the last of autumn here. So fall is short this year. Often autumn lingers into November in West Virginia, and trees can still hold on to some of their glory. But driving through the state yesterday, I watched and much of the remaining leaves fell. Along with the steady rain and rising wind, we beat it back to the south-west part of the state before the coming snow.

sugar maple leaves

Today there is snow in the mountains. The Golden leaves are gone for another year. So here are a few reminders.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Still Life: 3 Red Pears

Three Red Pears

A still life.


Wednesday Art Classes at the Renaissance Art Gallery are starting a new still life. We have done still life drawings before, but we have worked from still life settings that I assembled.

This one is different. 

This one the students have assembled. 

They all must contribute to the set-up and concept.

3 Red Pears in a white bowl.

First we had 3 red pears.


Very nice pears.


And a white bowl.


Not bad.


Sitting on the table it was fine, but could we do more? Change the way we look at the setup?
3 pears with room lighting
How about looking at the lighting?
Pears taken with flash
Lighting is an important part of any work of art. Where is the light coming from? How strong is it? How does it effect the shadows and shading?
Working with different light and light sources we could see just how much different lighting effected now only shadows, shading but color itself! Opening the blinds and setting the bowl where the natural light from the window could fall on it, totally changed the entire look of the still life.
3 Red Pears, photo taken in natural light


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Miniatures Ready



I finally finished my miniature oil paintings for this year’s 12th Annual National Miniature Exhibition at the Renaissance Art Gallery.

This years Miniatures, 2x2, and 4x6

I did not think I would get them done. I am not completely happy with them, but they are not as bad as some of mine have been in the past.


I do think I am getting better. Not at the top yet, but no longer on the bottom.