Monday, February 22, 2010

My Beautiful Kumkum

I have been preoccupied this week helping to plan the opening of a new art exhibit. Usually these are quite happy occasions, despite the huge amount of work involved. But this event is bitter sweet. While I am happy to do it, it is for a retrospective of my friend and fellow artist, Kumkum Majumdar, who passed away this last year.

She was a beautiful person as well as a fine artist, but it is her beauty as a person I will miss the most.

I am including in this post information about her and an example of her work
Kumkum Majumdar

Born August 26, 1946 died September 14, 2009

An artist by heart, she always tried to create beauty in art form, either on canvas or in fabric. Color combinations and the cubist style were her specialty. Her paintings were a true picture of her inner feeling. She chose to concentrate on Batik, an ancient art form of wax resist dying of cloth. She decorated both wearable and non-wearable silk fabrics.

Kumkum studied in the prestigious University Visva Bharati, Santinketan, India to receive her undergraduate degree in fine art. Then continued studies to receive a post diploma in Fine Art. She also took courses at Marshall University, in Huntington, WV in Commercial art.

After marriage, fine arts were put on hold for a more important task. She devoted herself to the raising of her two sons. As such, the space for art went empty for 20 years. After her sons were raised she was able again to devote much time to fine arts and the development of her own style.

Her work is in both public and private collection both in India and the USA. She is a showcase artist at Tamarack and an important member of The Renaissance Art Gallery. She has taught Batik to many students, so leaves a legacy of artists behind her.

Her life was a song to the importance of generosity, family, love, devotion and beauty.
She worked on 100% Silk. If you want to know more about Batik, there are many websites that show this art form and will tell you more about it.
I can't believe I forgot to put in a link to Kumkum's work. I am sure you all want to enjoy her many works of art.
Take the opportunity to see how totally different her artwork is.


  1. Wow, she was very talented. I know how tricky Batik is - but a lot of fun too. How sad that she felt unable to create while raising her children; I understand the feeling but 20 years is a long time to hold off on a part of yourself. This is something I have to remember myself.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment on my Metalpoint article.

    Elsa Neal

  2. What a wonderful tribute you have paid to your friend. I'm sure the art exhibit in her honor will be a great success.

  3. She devoted her skills to enhancing her home, but did not show or presue an art career when her sons were home.

    I am really hoping for a lot of people to come through and see this show.

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