Sunday, March 14, 2010

3rd Annual National Spring Fine Arts Exhibition

I don’t know about you, but winter is really starting to get to me. It has been so cold and so, well; freaky this year. Even my mom, in Florida, has been complaining about the cold! (And when you get up in Orlando, and it is 27°, it is cold!)

I want spring!

I want warmth!

I want Sunshine!

I want some color (other than white!)

So time to think about spring, and warmth and color and about the Spring Fine Arts Exhibition. This spring the theme is Color complements. Something we can really get our teeth into, well, if not our teeth, our brushes! Choose any set of color complements, add a bit of white (yes, but this is not snow!) and see what you can do!

While working with a limited pallet can seem at first, well, limiting, it is amazing what you can do with subtle variations. Any subject, any fine arts medium any size up to 16x20.

Do your charts, mix those pigments, and simply see what you can do!

For examples, you can visit this website:

The prospectus for this show is on The Renaissance Art Gallery Website:

Or I can e-mail you one if you contact me at

This is a real art show, not a virtual one on the Internet. There is a physical gallery at:

The Renaissance Art Gallery
900 8th Street, Suite #20
Huntington, WV 25701

Gallery (304) 525-3235
Appointments: (304) 453-3187


  1. I'm with you in being tired of the cold. We've had a few days of beautiful spring weather, but past two days of gray, cold rain and cold temps.

  2. Cold and rainy here, but not as bad as the north east! They have gotten it bad!


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