Monday, April 8, 2013

White Lines On Black Paper

faint white lines on black paper
I have the outlines of the drawing I want to do. The white lines are thin and faint. They will be only guidelines, so this is perfect. The actual drawing will follow.

When working with toned or colored paper I take an approach just as I would for on oil painting. I do an underdrawing.


Because I am working on black, I am doing it in white first. This does two things, it establishes a light, bright base for the following layer of colors, and helps me fine tune the actual drawing. The white base allows for the subsequent colors to be clear, bright and true. 


White value drawing
First I use a rather blunted white pencil, simply to establish this base of white, then I will follow it up with a sharp white pencil to emphasis and correct the drawing. At this point I need to correct any flaws in the basic drawing, make sure I have a full range of values and that the drawing itself hold together.
This is a good time to walk away.
Make sure the drawing works, both technically and as a work of art.
Now, we are ready for a little color.

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