Monday, April 15, 2013

A Little Color

Having done the white underdrawing, it is now time to take the plunge and start adding color.


adding first color


I am fairly happy with the black and white version, so picking up the next pencil can be scary. Starting with my lightest violet, and a very sharp point, the color is slowly being built up. The same for the green leaves. The palest green is added first.


After a single layer of color is put on, the drawing gets a gentle burnish. I use a stump for this, rather than a burnishing tool. The point isn’t so much to blend but to even out the layer of color and make sure that it adheres evenly and thoroughly.


Again, step back from the drawing to judge its development. I don’t want to completely cover the black, The darks are needed.


first layer before burnishing
Each layer is put on with successively darker violets and purples. Not all the previous layer is covered. Attention is taken to just where the light is coming from and making sure that the darks balance out with light and mid-tones.


Remembering that I am drawing on flat paper, but the crocus is 3-dimentional, the goal is to make them look as if they are coming off the paper.


After the second layer of purples, another layer of white is added to the entire picture. This brings harmony to it.


But the drawing is not done yet.

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