Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why Do I Write A Blog?


Well, I like to talk about art. Duh!


No seriously, I like to talk about art. Not just my own finished art, but about my failures and experiences with my students and other artists. Like art itself, writing a blog is about communication. We has humans have a need to communicate. Scientist tell us that our ability to communicate is one of our survival advantages, but they do not talk about our fundamental need to communicate. All of us need to communicate about the things that are important to us.


But why a blog?


I mean, I do know other local artists that I talk to. Why write?


How is writing a different type of communication?


Writing differs from other forms of communication because to not only allows but requires introspection.


When I write it helps me to clarify my thoughts. When I write -review and rewrite- it helps me to really think about art--and to think about how I think about art.


I am a better artist and teacher because of this blog.

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