Friday, December 7, 2012

Drawing it all together

 We are really getting down to the finish on the 3 Red Pears Still life work.
But several students are moving on already. Exploring all aspects of perspective as well as the mechanical objects we surround ourselves with.

Even that which we use to record our activities!

Nothing is exempt from the artist's eye.

But back to the 3 Red Pears.

Getting the draperies right
Work done on Pastel Panel
Gray Charcoal paper

Each student is working at their own pace and the project is developing nicely. Each is also working on different supports. One person is working on purchased pastel board, masonite with a velvety texture. Another on gray charcoal paper, while another student is working on pastel board more like mat board.

Working on Pastel Board-mat board
This is giving this project more individuality than is often the case in class work. It also frees the students as they are not to tied to blindly following the teacher but able to give greater range to their own concepts and vision.

This project will soon be at an end. We will all have learned a lot about lighting, composition and colored pencil.

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