Monday, January 28, 2013

Field of Daisys II

Field of Daisys II
S. Tschantz
So often I see other artists in frustration over what gallery goers ohh and ahh over.


“It’s so ordinary!” “All they want is ultra-realism”"Another floral! ugh!" “They don’t understand art”


Well, no, not in the sense you know art. Why would they? Let’s face it. In all areas, those on the inside have a totally different view of that subject/world than those on the outside looking in.


Programmers, carpenters, architects,  they all have an insider’s view.


Why would visual art be any different.


That is not to say that the average gallery goers do not understand art. They do. But what they want from art differs from us.


We look at art all day long. Our eye may tire of the misty landscape. We want the different. Art that pushed the envelop.


Badland Canyon
S. Tschantz
But why would you want or expect that of others?


They want that which enriches their lives. Art they can live with. While the edgy might invigorate us, they might not want art that is, well, uncomfortable.


They want art that is familiar and comfortable. And why not? Life today is upsetting enough. Most find getting up and going to work each day challenging enough. When they come home, they want comfort and joy.




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