Friday, March 1, 2013

Painting Small

The challenge of painting small, is painting with detail, value and composition in such a way that it graps the viewer, still communicating your artistic vision.

It is not simply the size

Oh yes, painting small can be hard. Many artists get magnifiying glasses or even magnifiying lights, and an array of small mini brushes.

This can make it rather fun, actually.

I will let you into a little secret. People who paint miniatures do so because they enjoy it.

They enjoy the challenge. They also enjoy the awe when people see just how small and detailed they can go.

Which brings up the difference between a small painting and a true miniature.

A small painting is simply that, a painting done in a small size. It can be abstract or simply a few strokes that invoke an image.

A true Minature is much more.

To be a true miniature, it must hold onto the details even close up. It encourages people to lean forward and get lost in the image. Although the artwork is small, the image is not.

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