Sunday, December 8, 2013

Color Wheel-Beads

Justin, my 10 year old drawing student, finished his color wheel this week.

His wreath is homemade, from vines from his yard. I think this is fine. It is not necessary to always throw a lot of money on an art project for it to be well done and creative.

He had to collect beads in colors that would complete the color wheel, string them and then wrap them around the wreath. A lot of them his family already had from other projects. He simply needed to collection and sort them. This took a while. He laid them out on a printed color wheel to see which actually worked on the color wheel. This took a while. Rather than help him, I let him work it out, learning to judge color himself. I only stepped in when he asked my opinion.

 He strung them on colored pipe cleaners, which he also matched to the color wheel. They are of course, wire so would wrap and he would not need more wire or glue.

I think he did a great job with this.

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