Monday, November 18, 2013

Roses, Roses and more Roses

Started some new paintings, of roses.

Bunch of Roses
I love white roses and have been using them to teach value in art classes, so I decided I would paint a few paintings of roses.

One is 11 x 14 gallery wrapped and the other is 16 x 20, wrapped canvas, but of standard depth.

The first I started by simply painting a streaked background, then when it was dry, just putting random roses in a sort of bunch.

I started to layout some stems with the thought of putting them in a clear vase, but I don't think I will. I will leave the stems vague, and little to no leaves, and I am not going to paint in a vase at all. The way they are bunched together, it implies a vase, but only by suggestion.

single White rose
The second, smaller canvas will be of one perfect open rose. The background will be mostly muddled greens and yellows, but with a couple of leaves and fallen petals, but lacking in detail, except for the central rose itself. That will be detailed. But nothing else. Right now there is a second rose in the background, but I think I will paint that out, it competes with the first rose and adds nothing to the composition.

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