Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Even More Botanicals

Winding up our work on botanical drawings


Each of the students are finishing work on their botanical drawings. Some have more to do than others, working in larger sizes. For this project many are doing their first large drawing. Working 16 x 20 rather than the standard sketchbook size.


Botanical drawings do require a balance between negative space, in this case, white space and the positive space, ea. the plant. Having enough space to isolate and highlight the subject is important.


Justin, Leaves and squash
Another aspect is the accurate depiction of color of the specimen. Analyzing just what makes up that color, what kind of green are you looking at, now much yellow verses blue. Plant colors are not simple, but complex. It does require that you look and observe all aspects of the plant carefully.


The same is true of the texture of the plant. It is smooth, fuzzy, rough. Having the actual plant is a big help.





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