Thursday, September 26, 2013

Graphite wash

Did some experimenting yesterday. I have several pencils that are labeled, “Sketch & Wash” I have had them for a long time. The are almost used up. Just about 2 or 3 inches left, but I have only used them for sketching. They are nice, soft, dark pencils but I have not used them with water.


Never gave it a thought. I bought them originally on impulse. I was on my way to the Gallery, and planned to stop at Ritter Park for a while first to sketch, and had forgotten my pencil pouch. So I stopped and bought these mostly because they were inexpensive.


Yesterday, I was sketching some chrysanthemums, those nice spidery ones that are all long petals and weird angles. I pulled out these pencils, because they are nice and dark. Than thought, Why not? I grabbed  a  soft brush, and a small saucer of water and played around a bit.


I love them!


Wish I had the whole pencils again! I will have to check out the art supply store and buy more.

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