Tuesday, December 14, 2010

People's Choice Awards

Last Wednsday was a busy day for me.

Fern Counting the Vote
In addition to my normal classes, Fern Christian (Renaissance Art Gallery Director) and I had to count the ballots for the People's choice awards. we do this at the conclusion of each year's Miniature Exhibition.

People attending the Miniature Exhibition are handed ballots when they came into the gallery so that they can select what they felt were the best entries in the Miniature Exhitition. There were to select works in two catagories: Most Elegant Entry and Most Creative Entry.

There arealways tons of worthy choices so it was hard to narrow it down to two.. But choices had to be made.

Counting the ballots was a much bigger job this year, due to the record number of people gracing our gallery with their visits.The stuffed to overflowing ballot box was empited a couple of times before counting, so I know there were lots of votes!

The voting was close, but choices were made.The final tally did reveal clear winners however.

Linda Rossin’s “Elegance in Motion”. The beauty of the rising flamingo captured the attention of the most guests for the Most Elegant Entry Award, while Sandi Worthington’s 1inch by 11 inch “Going To Water” won the Most Creative Entry Award.

I think congratulations  are in order for both artists, Sandi Worthington and Linda Rossin on their selection by the guest of The Renaissance Art Gallery for this year’s People’s Choice Awards.
Linda Rossin's "Elegance in Motion"

Sandi Worthington's "Go To Water"

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