Monday, December 20, 2010

The Lament of a Messy Painter-

I have all these great ideas for art, for paintings, and drawings and even some crafty stuff, but:

The Dungeon!
I can’t paint because I can’t find my pallet!

The dungeon is a mess, a super-duper mess.

Filled with empty boxes, half-full boxes, suitcases, several ice chests, easels in various states of assemblage, several plastic shoe boxes of paints, one for standard oils, one for water mixable, a box with my pallet knives in it, and some containers of brushes, one broken brush holder, but my mom made it for me, so it is taped together, a drawing board that needs cleaning and aligning, frames, mats, but most of the mess is not my art supplies, there is a sort of organized chaos to them. Most of it has migrated from upstairs. My old bedroom linens, ea, queen sized comforter, sheets, pillowcases and an assortment of pillows, some decorator baskets, …are you bored yet?

I have been trying to clean it up!

We have been fixing the house up, and while construction is going on overhead, all the fallout seems to have fallen in the dungeon.

It is going to take me a month to clean all of this up!


  1. Starrpoint,
    I absolutely love this photo! I'm not alone! hehe. I'm not even sure I could find myself in here.
    "organized chaos," Isn't that the truth? We know where everything is.

  2. I wanted to ask regarding Blogger. Do people have to have an account at one of the ones it asks we choose in order to comment? (I'm signed in to my account at Blogger, but it still asks me to create a separate account and sign into that in order to comment.)Do you know of another way, like is there a setting I could change so anyone could post without creating an account?

  3. Yes, it is a mess! getting better, but I have a long way to go.

    You should be able to comment with your blogger account. I do,

    I use a google account that I have set up, one for each blog ( I also do the Renaissance Gallery art blog) You should be able to simply set up one account, with the info (e-mail)you use to log into blogger. That is what I did.

    It is best to log-in first, but you can preview and then log in.

  4. When you created your blog, you should have been asked to set up a google account. That should allow you to comment on any blogger blog.


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