Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seeing What Good Is

Geraniums in Terra Cotta
Larry Bragg

Working in our isolation—as most artists do, it is easy for to look at your own work and think” Hey, that’s pretty good! And pat yourselves on the back. Self-satisfaction is possible. But is it justified? How do we know if it is any good?

I work on my paintings and drawings and really think how much I have improved! And those miniatures are not bad at all if I do say so myself! My friends are impressed. So what more do I want?

We tend to look at things myopically, only what is right in front of us. This show has knocked me down to earth. It is a real eye-opener. The artists who entered the 10th Annual National Miniature Exhibition shows you just what GOOD is!

Now this could have been crushing. Really. Seen next to the rest of the artwork, my work is well….midland. Not really terrible, but not so great that it warrants a second look. It would be easy to say, “Oh, I can’t do this!” and give up. The stuff in this show is really, really good! But this does not have to be your reaction when you are confronted with genius.

Let me tell you what one artist said to me at the reception for the 10th Annual National Miniature Exhibition. Larry Bragg—a first time exhibitor in miniature said the scope of work was inspiring and showed him just what was possible. Already he is anxious to start on next year’s work. Looking at the excellent work hanging in the gallery, all he could say was: "Wow! This shows me what can be done!". Far from being discourage, he is inspired! His excitement when he saw the wealth of fine art was amazing. He can't wait to try his hand at something new. To explore his new found knowledge of what is possible.

French Table
Larry Bragg

And this is a good thing. To be inspired by others, have your mental horizons expanded. Art happens in the head first, only then with the hands.

In all things, we need to have high standards to do our best,

Note: Normally I decorate my blog with my own “artwork”. Not sure right now I can even call it artwork. But this week, I would like you to see the work of another artist, the brave Larry Bragg.

PS. I promised last week to post the link to the Renaissance Gallery's 10th Annual National Miniature Exhibition so you can all see the photos of the reception.The Renaissance Art Gallery


  1. How does it seeing great art affect you as an artist?

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