Monday, November 15, 2010

Successful Paintings?

Failed Fall Painting
Without failure you cannot succeed.
So don’t be afraid of failure and of creating “interesting” paintings.

None of us likes everything we do. Not if we are honest and not a complete egoist, that is.

If we don't fail from time to time we don't make progress and out art becomes repetitious and stale. So don't be afraid of failure or of painting "interesting" paintings. These contain the germ of genius.


  1. Great post I completely agree - as Richard Schmid said, "there is nothing more crippling to an artist then fear". I can't tell you how many half completed canvas I have of work I'm not so proud of but each one taught me something - and although it can see pricy at times (new canvas, paints, materials) its definitely worth it


  2. I think we do learn more from these noble failures than ignoble successes!


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