Monday, July 19, 2010

How To Get Feedback On Your Artwork

The first time you open your sketchbook and willing share what you have struggled with for maybe hours with someone else can be the most traumatic time in your artistic life! It is bad enough if you are sitting, sketching in public, maybe simply doodling while waiting for something and a stranger comment on your work.

But when you hang yourself out there to someone whose opinion matters, well, that is stress! So even more terrifying can be to deliberately show your work to an uncaring public, via the ART SHOW.

But sooner or later, you will be compelled to show why you cannot get any clothes in the closet! You will drag all those canvases, sketchpads and boxes of papers out into the bright light of the world and decide to exhibit.

Many start by simply entering a local art show or exhibition. Some go the arts and craft fair routine. But either way, putting it up in public is a normal right of passage for most artists.

Today, there is another option available to the beginner and professional like, the on-line forum or gallery.

A lot of artists are content to set up a small website for their work, and never seem compelled to do more. Others regularly enter on-line contests and shows, while many are active in a forum, both showing their work and critiquing others. This can be a good way to learn and develop a more critical eye if you can get constructive criticism by people who will take the time to really look. This is not impossible on line, and there are many forums for this purpose. My own favorite forums are the Painting and Drawing/sketching sites on,

But I am a frequent visitor to wet-canvas also. Recently, I have joined the primsa color site,

posting the work I am doing in colored pencil, and I have long been a member of Corel’s forums. Each of these groups offers support and practical advice when you face the inevitable problems with any medium.

Sites to show your artwork

Of course, there are tons of artists on Facebook, and I meet many of my art friends there, but most of them, I met elsewhere, and we meet up again on facebook. Facebook is good for connecting with those you already know, and there are galleries available, but remember, these do have limits. While the average person might not reach those limits, this is easy to do for an artist! Also, while facebook helps you keep connected, it is not the best place for critique and feedback. Forums provide a better intereaction between artists.

What are your favorite art sites? where do you go for Critique

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