Monday, July 26, 2010

Entering Art Shows, Part 1 - Will I do this?

Everyone loves positive feedback. And we all want acknowledgement for our work. The desire to join other artists in displaying our work is strong. Almost overwhelming, in fact.

How Will You Do This?

Last week I talked about some on-line sites I have enjoyed displaying my art and viewing other peoples work. I do this often, and love it. But there are other options and venues in the real world.

Art shows are a good way to get started and try and put forth our art in a small way. Usually participation is limited to a few works or just one. You do not need a large body of work, as you would for an individual show. But you also need to conform to the organizing person or organization’s thoughts on that show.

Some shows are just general art shows. Many organizations hold a spring or summer art show, where there are a variety of styles and subject matters displayed. Others have a special theme or reason for the display, such as breast cancer awareness or help for victims of domestic violence. Whether or not you wish to join in these events depends on what you expect to get out of it and how strongly you feel about the organization or cause behind the show.

But each show represents a lot of work on the part of the organizers and a lot of commitment. (Some say we should be committed!) People who run these shows care about them. And you should too. Look into sharing your artwork with groups and people who share your commitment to fine art and to the causes you believe in.

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