Sunday, January 24, 2010


I teach drawing

I love drawing

But unlike what some people believe, it is not easy

It takes practice



Lots and lots of practice

You learn to draw by drawing.


Everyday if you can

I teach drawing
To adults

They believe in me
I tell them I can teach them to draw and they believe me

They have trouble with their drawings

“ I just want tear it up”
“I am going to start over”

No, I say, we will work on it

“tell me what is wrong”

They believe that I can, I have told them I can. What a sales pitch, what am I going to do?

But then I look


And we work on them.

They can be saved.

They will not be the best drawings, but they are working drawings and they are learning drawings.

And they learn

With each drawing, they learn

And they get better,

But the real secret is that with each of their drawings I get better.

I learn to see more clearly.

I have to know what to do. So I have to think

Art happens in the brain.

It is a problem to be solved but it has infinite solutions

I come up with the answer from somewhere, from never land, from ever land from that infinitely that lives within the finite brain.

They expect me to know so I do.

That is its true beauty

All the answers to unasked questions!

Art is beautiful simply because it is art.

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  1. Hi Starr:

    I love your blog and especially your sketching. I'll be back often to have a look. I've never done much drawing I have always just painted directly onto the canvas, the result is I'm not much of a drawer.



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