Monday, January 4, 2010

Studio Catastrophes

Disaster in the dungeon

What happens when people work in your domain without respect.

Over the last month, more and more boxes and things have ended up in the area known to many as The Dungeon, a.k.a, my studio. We are completing a major renovation upstairs, and the logical place to stash things temporally in the way is downstairs, this is especially important for things I am afraid others will not treat as delicately and carefully as it should be, such as my good china and crystal. But additional things seem to have found their way down there instead of out to the trash or recycle, such as the old bedding, various baskets and containers, both full and now empty boxes, paint cans, tape and assorted tools, none of which are mine.

Then the guys when down to work on the electrical wiring upgrades for the kitchen. They need to get to the fuse box, which was in the laundry room, next to the studio space. Well, when they started to route the new wires, they move the washer, putting the drain hose in the sink, when they put it back, you guessed it, the did not put the drain hose back in its pipe, but left it hooked over the sink, not securely.

I started a load of wash, and when it started to drain......

All over the place, the hose sprayed like a wild animal, not just down into the sink, but the pressure made it jump around soaking everything, including my clean clothes that were hanging up waiting to be taken upstairs or ironed, and the rugs, please don't mention the now dirty-water soaked rugs. It washed down my small cabinet I keep cleaning supplies in (which are now clean, but some not useable). Fortunately, or not, depending on your point of view, I heard it, came racing down the stairs, turned the corner, to get it in the face!

This is why I am not on top of the dungeon itself, which I need to be literally! All the mess had to be dragged out, and much of it landed in the area I fondly call my studio. So the Dungeon is a mess in which I cannot find my drawing table, much less my pallet. Until this mess is conquered, no art will happen down there.

Working in a basement studio is not ideal, but the vast majority of artist work under less than idea conditions. That does not seem to affect the quality of work we can turn out. The almost stunning work that people through the centuries have done under really appalling conditions sometimes is a testament to the inner vision of the artistic mind


  1. Omigosh, can't believe I've missed all of these posts since your first and to catch up and find that you've gone thru this fiasco of your Dungeon. Sorry about that, I'm sure you were pulling your hair out. Hope not too much got damaged. I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. Now I gotta go bring my blog up-to-date.

  2. I survived, but I would not have given you odds for the workman's chances!

    Nothing in the studio was damaged, needing to be cleanned off, and of course the chips went everywhere! But Its ok now.


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