Monday, December 28, 2009

Its Gone, the Sketchbook Library Project

The sketchbook is gone. Mailed off today. I have mixed feeling about it. There was so much work and worry into it. I wanted to be true to the idea of a sketch book, a place for taking graphic notes, but also wanted it to be interesting for someone else to look at, which frankly, most sketch books are not.

And they are not supposed to be. The idea is for the artist to make quick sketches, more like notes or visual records of things seen to be used as reference when back in the studio.

Also they are a great way to learn. Because they are quick, you have to locate and record the most important lines and details, reduce what you see to the key lines and images. Because what you are doing is out in public, or plein aire, they have to be quick. Life does not wait for the artist to record it.

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