Friday, May 29, 2015

Horse, Dog and Rider Again

More work done on my Horse, Dog and Rider.

blended the eyes, and made them look much better. Funny how you have to almost destroy an image sometimes to get the shading right! I know the eyes looked scary in the last post, but I needed to get the darks in for the eyes to look right. Scary, though.

These next steps are slower, requiring more attention to detail and subtle shading. Many pencils and a lot of work back and forth.

There has been more wax bloom than I expected with this pastel paper, but that is easily taken care of with a light buffing.

I did a lot more work on the horse's proper coloring, using my range of French grays, rather than the expected browns. I find these French grays closer to the actually shading you see in real hair and fur than the almost too bright browns.

The jeans have been rather fun to work with, starting with a more "new" jean blue, and using white and some cool grays to "wash" them.

The leather saddle is proving challenging. The well-worn shading of leather more problematic than I had thought.

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