Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drawing: Horse, Rider and Dog Day 1



Started a new project. It will be a little more complicated than my normal artwork. Usually I have a single subject which I work on in detail or a large overall landscape. This time while I have a subject, it is more complicated than a single object or collection of objects. It is a group portrait?


A horse, its rider and a dog. I love the composition. It has something I really love in art, humor.


The surface I am using is colourfix paper, from its cool pack, Fresh Grey. This is a pretinted, toothy paper designed for pastels, charcoals, etc. It is good for colored pencil as it is strong enough to allow the use of multiple layers. It allows for blending and burnishing without crushing the paper fibers.  I used a similar surface for my pelican drawing. This surface also takes most paints.


This time I am using the paper form, not the board form, in a smaller size. The finished work will be 8 x 10. Maybe a little small for the detail I plan.


I did the basic sketch on tracing paper and then used white graphite paper to transfer the drawing to the work surface. Then using erasable colored pencils I blocked in the basic design.


Often I will do the base layer in water soluble pencils and then “float” the colors in a wash to lay down the basic design, but decided this time to simply use the eraseables.



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