Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scratch Board 2 - I think they got it!

I think they got it!

How to create interesting scratchboards.

Drawing with a paper clip
When I was showing them now to make the scratchboard I was not sure the young artists really got the concept of planning art.


I think they got it!

they had no difficulty at all drawing with paper clips, old pens and even nails!

They seems to really enjoy the unusual drawing tools.

While using really sharp things is traditional with scratch board, I was a little apprehensive about giving 10 year old a knife to draw with!

But they had no difficulties with using an old pen, out of ink, paper clips and nails.

Sci Fi Fan drew a Tardis
They were very careful and deliberate in their use of the tools. No one scratch through the cardstock, one of my concerns.

They also used several different colors of oil pastel to create their boards, and did plan ahead to the artwork they were designing.

It took planning to get the right colors just where they wanted under the layers of India Ink. Simple thumbnail sketches helped in this.

Still, it is a lot for anyone to plant ahead like this.
Sunset on the ocean

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