Monday, April 7, 2014

My Dad’s Holly Hocks.

Finished. My Dad's Holly Hocks.


While working on this I broke out a tube of paint that was given to me. One I would never have bought.


it is called Indian Red, and it is the color of dirt, or rust. A very earthy pigment. And strong!!!!


It gets everywhere, like Prussian blue.


While I was not thrilled with it, it does tone things very well, Adding a tiny bit ( and I mean tiny, it is very strong!) it toned down the tube green in the stem to a more natural color.


I also added it to shade the strong red pigments used to create the pinks for shading and shaping. Like it much better than any other pigment.


While I think this is successful, I am not sure I am all together happy with the rather strong background blue. It was an experiment, but I think for myself, I would prefer a more natural, skyish blue.


So often we think of backgrounds as an after thought, so I was trying to see how to ramp it up. Now, I did not want that smooth, glass finish you sometimes see, but was trying for something more bold. I don’t think bold is me, thought. Although this painting does work, the really strong background demanded a stronger hand with what to me are rather delicate flowers. But it did not work with the intense background of the cobalt blue background. Actually, I would like them better in a natural setting.


I might do this one over, with a more natural sky and more delicate shading for the blooms. I will use the Indian Red, though.


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