Monday, February 20, 2012

On my Easel February 20, 2012

Worked on the underpainting on the 36x48 inch canvas. I finally got some balance in the layers of color. Dark enough, but not too dark, light enough, but not too light and a wide range of values that will serve to strengthen the overall drama of the landscape.

It was hard to paint over my earlier sketches, completely abandoning the ideas there. It had been a lot of work, but I still think it is the right choice. The earlier sketches were simply more of the same, close-up details of the lotus “field” in various stages of bloom. Now the large canvas is going to be a larger scale landscape of the wetlands of Greenbottom Wildlife Management Area.

Meanwhile, I have continued on the square canvas, the close detail of a lotus about half way to bloom. I am a little happier with the composition now. Still not perfect. But the lotus is larger, and better shaped. The colors are better also. It is developing. It still leans a bit. But it will be balanced later in the painting.  
I do think I will do several smaller canvases, each of a different stage of bloom of these flowers. Make a series and support to the larger landscape.

When I do the larger painting, I will be putting in a lot of blooming lotus, of course, and I will choose some of the areas in the larger painting to bring out in the smaller canvases.

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