Saturday, March 17, 2012

Red Pears

Red Pears

Opps, I did it again.

No, not broke your heart, but bought fruit by how it looks, for its color. As subjects for a still life. It just captured my heart.

This week the produce was especially colorful. Maybe it is the fact that winter has finally broke here. The weather is cloudy and rainy but warming up. Things are starting to bloom. 

These absolutely gorgeous red pears, the red/green mangos, the acorn squash with it shiny dark green and a splash of yellow, how could I resist? And those red onions that are really a deep purple? How can you say no to them? And don’t get me started on peppers! More and more the regular grocery store is stocking more than just the green. Now we get the golden yellow and the bright orange.
The influence of the Spanish culture is really being felt in peppers. Where once you might only find a few jalapenos, we now have at least 6 different little hot peppers, each with their own fire, and color. It is enough to make an artist go broke! 

But at least once the painting is done you can eat them! 


  1. Yes I like your post very much, love the colours of your fruit,I am just very new to blogging so I'm still learning, I am a fine Artist Painter, but for now I have been so busy just getting my website built that I haven't had a lot of time for my paintings, and I am missing it, but yes I do like your post.
    Freda G

  2. Being an artist on the web is a challenge. I am redoing and rethinking my website now. I have several issues with my present site. So I am concentrating on this blog site.

    Thanks for reading.


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