Monday, October 24, 2011

Erasable Colored Pencils –

Erasable Colored Pencils – 

These are really good for getting down your basic shapes and ideas without using graphite pencils, carbon or other transfer papers. These pencils allow you to draw with colored pencil. To think with them. Because they are actually erasable you can improve your composition and true shapes without extensive lifting and scraping, or contaminating your surface with graphite.

They tend to be a bit harder than Professional Colored Pencils, more like what you were given as a child, but became frustrated with. But unlike those, you can erase these. They take a point very well, which does improve on the drawing, but you also have to be a bit careful. A little too much pressure, and you can dent the paper/support surface. They are also a bit lighter in saturation when you use light pressure, but you would expect this.

Drawing in Pencil of
the Singer
I draw a lot of wild life, most of it rather small, so I find the light gray, more a taupe-y color, very useful in defining basic outlines.

Doing the underpainting in the erasable is also a plus, you can block in the basic shapes and see if the design is really working. If it needs adjustment, you can erase rather than having to abandon it and start again. Once the objects are lightly blocked in it is much easier to check your drawing.
Drawing and Underpainting of The Cardinal


  1. Thanks for the post. I'd like to ask your advice for a brand or brands that can be erased completely or nearly completely. I like this idea.


  2. The only ones that are erasable, ea. designed to be erased with a rubber eraser are the special prismacolor.

    Other pencils can be lifted with things like cellpane tape and that putty type adhesive. that is known by many names, like poster putty, museum putty, tack back etc.

    But only the prismacolor eraseable pencils come with erasers.


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