Monday, May 30, 2011

When An Artist Packs

Traveling with an artist is not like traveling with a normal person.

Priority is given not to clothing, jewelry or sporting equipment, but to art supplies. Sketching pad, pencils, erasers, camera, lenses, —these have become standards, but we must add to the list. With new technologies, new things are added to the pack.

This brings up the question, what do you Pack when you travel?

Real essentials, sketchpad, drawing pencils, watercolors, are still basic but now many of us add Now memory cards, laptops, CD’s and DVD’s.

“I Told You To Pack Light”

On my recent trip to visit family, the watch word was “Pack Light”. We were traveling by car, and with family, including a dog, space was tight. Add to this were gifts for distant family members. I have a small overnight case for those non-essentials like underwear and cosmetic, and a duffle bag for what I truly can’t live without.

My packing List

· 1 sketchpad, 9x12 medium weight

· Pencil case containing drawing pencils, HB, 2B, 4B & 8B

· 3 erasers, white vinyl, pink pearl and kneaded

· Fine tip drawing pens

· Blending tools

· Eraser shield

· Pencil sharpener

· Small set of CP

· Small palm sized sketchpad

· Journal

· DSLR camera, lens, memory cards, in case

· Laptop with CD and DVDs. In case with cords

That’s all. A rather modest list if I do say so myself. Still, I get those looks from family when we are loading up.

So I think more about pencils than toothpaste. Heck, I can buy toothpaste everywhere, but you can’t always locate a really good pencil!

PS. Leave a comment with your packing list!

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