Monday, October 25, 2010

Fellow Artist, Lillianne Bowersock

I was going to write on a different subject this week, but something I think you will find interesting has come up.

My friend and fellow Renaissance Artist, Lillianne Bowersock took a trip to London this week. Now I was a little peeved at her for deserting me during the building up for the 10th annual national miniature exhibition. 2 weeks before the show, when she and her husband, Bruce (also an artist) were to hang the show, she comes in with a ticket to London!

Now, to be fair, Lillianne has not seen the grandchildren in London for at least 3 years. And the ticket was a gift from her daughter-in-law, so I guess I should not be too put out.

Actually, we were all excited and happy for her. But hey, I am not going to loose the chance to grouse!

Back to the story, Lillanne was of course really excited! She came into the meeting for The Renaissance Art Gallery all bubbling and waving the ticket around etc. Of course, she apologized for going at this time, but hey, family counts.

Lillianne has sleep apnea, and must use a breathing device to sleep. And she had to make special arrangements with the air lines to use this device on the over night flight.

But hey, let me let her seat mate tell the story!

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