Monday, August 16, 2010

Delivering your work. Entering shows Part 4

Getting your work to the site of the show and on time is vitally important. Depending on the size and prestige of the show, it can make or break your entry. The larger the show, the more important timing can be.

Some shows and groups are rather strict on this, and being either too early or too late will disqualify your entry. Also, some larger shows can have several different delivery/ship addresses. These may or may not be the same as the location of the actual show. I know of one larger miniature shows (I know, a large miniature show sounds like a counter diction in terms!) that has a long list of delivery/shipping addresses depending on your last name! If you last name start with an A-E, you send to one address, etc. Others, will divide things up by category, portraits to one address, landscapes to another, etc. None of these addresses are where the show will hang. That is another address. You need to be clear on this, also on when to either bring in your work or ship it. Volunteers staff most of these shows run by art associations. And the addresses may be only temporary shipping addresses so timing can be important. Also, these groups may not have their own buildings but depend on other groups or locations for their shows. These can range from real estate offices to banks, local museums and even government buildings.

Read the prospectus closely for this information. This might sway your decision to enter this particular show. If at all possible, you should plan on attending the artist’s reception. This is your chance to mingle with other artists and patrons. The group putting on the show will work hard at getting press coverage, and this is also your chance to come to the attention of the public. Don’t be shy! It is your time to shine, whether you win a price or not.

Another thing I want to bring up. Pick up your work on time. There will be a location and time frame listed, usually in the prospectus, but certainly when you drop your work off. Be sure to mark this on your calendar. If the group does not have its own location, failing to pick up your work can put it in jeopardy. While every group will try to take good care of your work, if you fail to retrieve it, well, anything can happen. If they have no actual location, it will no doubt be left in someone’s storage room. More and more shows are stating the consequences of failing to retrieve your work. You would think this would not be a problem, but it is not uncommon for us that The Renaissance Art Gallery to have work for over a month after a show comes down. This is a burden on us, because we have a new show going up, and lack any substantial storage space.

Groups without a location may even dispose of unclaimed work. This is their right. It is your responsibility to collect your unsold work.

Of course, if your work was shipped, this is a mute point. You have provided a carton and label for return shipping and should have no problem getting your work back.

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