Sunday, April 4, 2010

Painting the Falls Green

Finding just the right reference photos is not always easy. Sometimes the perfect reference photo is a combination of many photos.

For the upcoming Spring Fine Arts Exhibition, I wanted to do one painting with a waterfall. Now, I have take more than one photo of a waterfall. Actually, I have boxes of photos, many of which contain waterfalls. But I wanted something with a little human interest. Something that would help put the viewer into the painting.

I printed out a selection of photos I took in Greenville, SC at Falls Park on a lovely late spring day in May.

I laid out the photos, but did not fine one that had it all. So taking a sheet of tracing paper, I selected elements from several photos to see how they would work together.

Combining what I liked from several photos gave me the composition I thought would work. So I sketched it out on a prepared canvas.

Those of you who have seen my works in progress before know that I am allergic to painting on white canvas! This canvas is toned with yellow ochre, which will give it the lighters, sunnier feeling this day deserves.

Standing back. I decided on a few adjustments in the banks and rocks, then with thinned paint blocked in the main shapes for this painting.

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